Sustainable energy for off-grid and weakly grid-tied applications Software solution providing off-grid and weakly grid-tied energy systems with coordinated management of distributed energy resources , storage systems, demand response units and volt/var control


Fuel and machine hours savings & cost effectiveness

  • Scheduling gensets output based on unit-related costs, unit-related and grid-related technological constraints and consumer adjustments to effectively meet power consumption
  • Maximization of renewables output
  • Load shifting in time and load shedding based on customer adjustments
  • Battery control strategy guarantying minimal possible curtailment of renewables and adding to minimization of fuel consumption
  • Dynamically forming spinning reserve to preserve fuel overconsumption while coinciding with required reliability level
  • Maintenance scheduling and assets depreciation balancing
  • Avoiding going over utility contracts for no penalties operation (weak grid case)
  • External grid procurements optimization (weak grid case)

Uninterruptable power supply & power quality

  • Standalone autonomous operation
  • Automatic blackstart capability
  • Secondary frequency and voltage control (based on economics taking into account technological constraints of controlled equipment and the grid)
  • Seamless islanding and grid-resynch (additional functionality)

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Interconnected equipment monitoring
  • Economics visualization and system effectiveness reporting
  • Alarms generation and ticketing for connected untis, ensuring timely contingency managing and maintenance of the units and AMIGO.

AMIGO ISL hardware & software requirements

AMIGO ISL hardware & software requirements

AMIGO ISL is the software package, which executes on arbitrary server with the following technical characteristics (or higher):

  • Intel Xeon 4110 2,1 GHz,
  • 32 GB of RAM,
  • HDD 4x300 GB.


Server Software

The following software is required for successful running of AMIGO ISL package:

  • Debian/Ubuntu OS,
  • MongoDB 3.6,
  • Java Runtime 1.8.0.



The following protocols are supported out of the box:

  • IEC 870-5-1-101/103/104,
  • OPC.

If required protocol is no supported out of box, our team can make an extension to AMIGO protocol converter.



AMIGO ISL widgets can be visualized inside every SCADA HMI with data flow streaming through secured REST API.


Mobile device app

AMIGO ISL apps, configured for user visualization and control needs, are available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

AMIGO M ISL control window

AMIGO M ISL optimization strategy and schedules window

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Information management system providing coordinated management of distributed energy resources, grid mode and configuration tools and local volt/var controls.
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