AMIGO Industrial

Industrial facility advanced energy management, control, and electricity procurement solution designed to optimize distributed energy resources supplying high quality electricity at minimum cost.


Electricity procurement effectiveness

  • Structuring electricity procurement programs
  • External grid procurement optimization
  • Avoiding going over utility contracts for no penalties operation
  • Load shifting in time and load shedding based on customer adjustments

Distributed energy resources effectiveness

  • Scheduling gensets output based on unit-related costs, unit-related and grid-related technological constraints and consumer adjustments to effectively meet power consumption
  • Maximization of renewables output
  • Battery control strategy guarantying minimal possible curtailment of renewables and adding to minimization of fuel consumption
  • Maintenance scheduling and assets depreciation balancing

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Interconnected equipment monitoring
  • Economics visualization and system effectiveness reporting
  • Alarms generation and ticketing for connected untis, ensuring timely contingency managing and maintenance of the units and AMIGO.

AMIGO INDUSTRIAL hardware & software

AMIGO I is the software package, which executes on Cloud or arbitrary server with the following technical characteristics (or higher):

  • Intel Xeon 4110 2,1 GHz,
  • 32 GB of RAM,
  • HDD 4x300 GB.


Server Software

The following software is required for successful running of AMIGO I package:

  • Debian/Ubuntu OS,
  • MongoDB 3.6,
  • Java Runtime 1.8.0.



The following protocols are supported out of the box:

  • IEC 870-5-1-101/103/104,
  • OPC.

If required protocol is no supported out of box, our team can make an extension to AMIGO protocol converter.



AMIGO I widgets can be visualized inside every SCADA HMI with data flow streaming through secured REST API.


Mobile device app

AMIGO I apps, configured for user visualization and control needs, are available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

AMIGO I DER effectiveness AMIGO I Procurement effectiveness
AMIGO I accurate renewables output forecast have significant effect toward genset and battery energy storage system scheduling, facilitating no-free-energy-curtailment strategy at every moment AMIGO I makes use of user-defined controllable load schedule to define virtual costs of load shifting or shedding and makes decision reflecting the minimum possible equivalent cost

AMIGO I - Monitoring

Detailed monitoring of technical and economical states


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