AMIGO Lab is

A software test bed intended for simulation of hybrid microgrids including PV panels, wind farms, energy storage systems, diesel generators, heat pumps, fuel cells installations, hydro generators, programmable loads etc.

Use the AMIGO Lab for simulation of various applications, such as: Remote off-grids, Industrial facilities, Smart Cities & Buildings, Virtual Power Plants

The AMIGO Lab allows:

  • To validate a microgrid design for different applications: the Lab allows to introduce different load and generator profiles to test a microgrid design.
  • To estimate the energy savings by using a microgrid connected to the main grid.
  • To perform and study different energy management controls, like load shifting and peak shaving strategies, in order to improve the reliability and the power quality of the grid.
  • To simulate different kind of DER, renewables, energy storage systems, EV charging points connected to the microgrid.
  • To study instabilities and develop strategies to minimize them.
  • To analyze the power flow between different points of the grid by using a mathematical model of an utility grid.
  • To test any kind of real equipment.

Building advanced energy management, control, and electricity procurement solution designed to optimize distributed energy resources supplying high quality electricity at minimum cost.

With AMIGO Lab, you are getting:

  • Reliable feasibility studies and cost‑benefit analysis based on a library of DER, historical or typical load profiles and grid equipment
  • Microgrid architecture design and optimization by various criteria (cost of electric and thermal energy, electricity losses, reliability, etc.)
  • Microgrid dynamics simulation including electromechanical and electromagnetic transient processes
  • DER specifications development and cable sizing
  • Deterministic N-k and probabilistic microgrid reliability analysis
  • Power quality estimation (harmonic analysis, voltage drops, etc. and filters and compensators placement optimization)
  • Recommendations for electricity market participation and ancillary services

AMIGO Lab performs optimization of a microgrid based on three layer optimization:


Information management system providing coordinated management of distributed energy resources, grid mode and configuration tools and local volt/var controls.
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