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AMIGO Compact EMS to control power supply and demand in off-grid polar village in Russia

RTSoft has designed an EMS/SCADA system based on AMIGO platform for the project of upgrade and hybridization of power plant in Mezen village, Russia. The object of power supply is an off-grid polar village with over 3,5 thousand inhabitants. It undermines retrofit of outdated diesel power plant (diesel) 8 x 800 kW, 1 x 630 kW with diesel 7 x 800 kW, energy storage system (ESS) (capacity 280 kWh, output 120 kW) and solar power plant 250 kWp.

The customer requirements are energy production cost reduction and electricity tariff optimization. It is requested not only to integrate equipment from various vendors, but also to set up its real time control and management in the most cost-effective prognostic manner, taking into account the dynamically changing environmental conditions and load profiles.

It is expected that AMIGO Compact EMS/SCADA implementation will allow to have additional 5-7% diesel fuel savings on top of integrated hybrid system. Customer operation and maintenance and power production costs reduction are coming from:

  • spinning reserve reduction by the proper management of ESS and solar production forecasting;
  • ensuring required power quality by managing ESS and setting the optimal droop-curves for each diesel unit;
  • extending diesel lifetime by forecasting consumption, solar generation and performing the optimal unit commitment for each unit;
  • automating blackstarts for generating equipment, minimizing starts/stops;
  • balancing the grid through flexible loads management;
  • reducing number of outages, equipment downtime, and staff predictive alarming

AMIGO Compact EMS/SCADA control room provides monitoring, control and visualization of microgrid. By default the system operates in automatic mode, though switching to manual dispatcher control mode is also provided. Then the system continues to carry out the tasks of monitoring and calculating the optimal values of equipment operation parameters. The recommended parameters are visualized for dispatcher in the form of graph of current and predicted values 48 hours ahead with discreteness of 15 minutes, updated every 1 minute.

RTSoft is eager to extend further hybrid microgrids with advanced AMIGO functionality resulting into energy production cost optimization, system balance improvement and awareness extension. Should you be interested to get more details on AMIGO Compact EMS we encourage you to visit

22.10.2018 г.


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